♪♫ To reserve a service♪♫
In the drop-down menu:
1- Choose it service. Contact person and location (default).
2- Add the options associated with the service.
3- Select the desired date and time in the schedule for the requested service.
4- Enter your details (they remain confidential).
5- Read the terms and conditions ; by clicking on it, another window will open.
6- Summary; add it Promo code (when you have one).
7- Finalize the request billing information.
8- Order by paying for the service by credit card.
♪♫ When your order is completed and sent…two email notifications will follow. ♪♫. ♪♫

NOTIFICATION * 1  On hold  Your request remains on hold until the member responsible for the service contacts you.

NOTIFICATION * 2  Approved  Your appointment is confirmed when all details have been confirmed by the member responsible for the service.